Dec 16, 2011

KA: disassembly

So it's time I get something done. I have a KA that needs to be rebuilt and go into a red hatch I have. Part uno; take it apart. Started with the valve cover, intake and exhaust manifolds, accessories and engine mounts. Here's what that looks like:

It was pretty crappy in there. Before I got the motor, water got in it and mixed with the oil, separate from the cooling system. Pretty gross..

Next was the cam gear bolts, gears, upper timing chain, upper timing cover, and timing sprocket. As well as the cams and cam caps. That completes the head portion (short of removing the head bolts and head itself).

And now the head removed:

Now oil pan off, front cover/oil pump off, and flipped upside down:

Then removed the mainline girdle and the pistons/rods. Called it a day.. More tomorrow!

Dec 10, 2011


Why block?

No, Y block.

To be continued...

Why exhaust valves should always be ground and....

and the seats cut. Pictured is an exhaust valve from a Subaru Legacy 2.5GT. Not all the valves were this bad, this one was the worst. Notice how bad it's "dished".

Now it's just touched with with the stone to show how badly it really is.

Not that it's ever really measured due to; you only remove what's necessary... buuuut for those who are curious, we took notice to the gauge.. About .010". The other exhaust vales were about .004-.006" and intake about .003".